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 • I find it really difficult to concentrate when I try to meditate

 • I tried some breathwork practices and felt good, but I couldn't maintain the habit and be consistent

• I can't seem to achieve mindfulness, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I haven't seen any results

• I practice the law of attraction and visualization, but I lack direction and ideas for my future

• QiGong, Energetic sounds, and Therapies made me feel calm and positive, but I quickly fell back into my old patterns and thought behaviors

What if I told you that ONE SIMPLE CHANGE can transform yourSELF 

• Wake up refreshed and energized every day 

• Take control of your emotions and enjoy a positive mindset

• Unlock your body's healing potential and optimize your health 

• Achieve peak performance and turn your dreams into reality 

• Elevate your energy and unlock your flow state 

• Release unresolved emotion and break free from limiting beliefs 

• Reclaim your sexual vitality and passion 

•Manifest your desires and create the life you've always wanted

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That's OVER 60 Guided SOMA Breath Metamorphosis Journeys
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That You Can Explore at Your Leisure!!!

Experience boundless energy, euphoria, and pure elation without relying on external substances.
With our program, you can tap into your inner bliss whenever you desire, empowering you to conquer your dreams.
Picture receiving the incredible benefits of visualisation, breathwork, and yoga in totally fun and irresistibly exciting way.

During the SOMA Breath process, something extraordinary happens. Your breath slows down, your nervous system relaxes, and your mind becomes calm.
The outer world fades away, and the inner mind chatter dissipates.  

In this profound state, you effortlessly transcend into the universal consciousness. No desires, no anger, no ego-generated thoughts or emotions disturb your tranquility.  

Egoic tendencies dissolve, allowing for a deeper connection with yourself and others. You'll soar to higher states of bliss, activating intuitive wisdom and inner healing energies. Prepare to be intoxicated by pure ecstasy and joy.

Long ago, yogis and gurus spent years in isolated mountains and caves, enduring harsh conditions to attain this supreme state of bliss.

But here's the exciting part: With the Metamorphosis Membership, you don't need to step out of your comfort zone. No quest for a remote guru in the Himalayas. No more loneliness or boredom. And no waiting for a specific time or day.  

Your path to supreme bliss starts now.

Discover one meditation see below
"The Forest And The Bear":


Discover our transformative approach—a powerful fusion of cutting-edge methodologies
designed to create profound shifts on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Mind Body

Activate your body, ignite vitality, and find grounding through movements, ecstatic dance, yoga and breathwork.

& Healing the Past

Delve into your subconscious, unravel deep-rooted emotions from your past.

Clearing Blocks &

Clear past blocks and limiting beliefs, unlock true reprogramming. Open yourself up to endless possibilities and experiences.

Creating A
New Reality

Elevate your emotions, raise vibrations, and release inhibitions to create your new reality.


Immerse yourself in a groundbreaking fusion of ancient yogic wisdom, uplifting music, and cutting-edge scientific research. Tap into the limitless possibilities of traditional Pranayama techniques harmoniously merged with the transformative power of sound therapy and visualisation. Elevate your well-being, optimize your health, and lift your spirit.


Embark on a transformative journey through the powerful fusion of guided visualizations - hypnotherapies, synchronized with captivating music, and enhanced by intentional breathing techniques. Experience profound well-being and harmony as these modalities work together to unlock your body and mind's true potential. Delve into the depths of your subconscious, effortlessly reprogram yourself, and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and past traumas.

emotional tracing

Uncover the profound truth that every emotion has its origin, and we are here to guide you in tracing those roots. By delving into the core of your feelings, we aim to unlock the original moments where they first took root. Through this transformative process, we empower you to sever the ties that bind, allowing unresolved emotions, original wounds, and traumas to be released.

sound therapy

Experience the transformative power of our unique Trypnaurale music—a potent blend of sound and visualizations designed to dissolve stress, induce deep relaxation, and amplify vibratory energy like never before. Immerse yourself in its harmonizing and euphoric melodies, effortlessly guiding you into profound states of altered consciousness, enhanced visualization, and effective reprogramming.



In May 2016, we practised the session from the SOMA Breath programme at an event called Mindvalley's Afest (it's the world's leading personal development platform whose mission is to teach and share transformational ideas that our education system ignores).  

A team of NASA scientists and founders of Peak Neurofitness (a company that creates programmes to improve performance in all areas of life) measured the evolution of brain waves during a SOMA Breath session. The results were astonishing, confirming that participants can experience states of deep relaxation and reach self-hypnotic states very quickly.

A study shows that SOMA Breath breathing techniques could be as effective as psychedelics in treating anxiety and depression.  

In this new study carried out by neuroscientist and founder of the NeuroMeditation Institute, Dr Jeff Tarrant, he shows that the 22-minute SOMA Breath session (meditation included in the 21-day programme) produced brainwave activity comparable to that recorded during an experiment using psychedelics. A dominance of Gamma waves was significant during the practice.

Gamma waves are generally reached by Tibetan monks after decades of meditation practice. Some subjects who have experimented with psychedelics, using psilocybin, have reported feelings of connection, unity and a considerable reduction in depression when the brain is in Gamma states.

Metamorphosis membership CONTENT 

➤ OVER 60 Guided SOMA Breath Metamorphosis journeys that you can explore at your leisure

➤ Proven method  to help you connect mind & body, heal the past and release unresolved emotions

➤ Empowerment Strategies to clear blocks, reprogram and manifest a new reality

➤ Experience the magic of SOMA Breath, a transformative technique that combines pranayama breathing, sound therapy, and visualization. It's the perfect blend of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology.

➤ Therapeutic breathing techniques that will help you to optimize your vitality (Body tissue cell oxygenation) and change your emotional states on demand

➤ New journeys added regularly

➤ 24h 7/7 Access via Zenler app on your phone or via your computer and tablet

➤ Monthly and yearly subscription

David BIO

David Genecand

Coach, Mentor, SOMA Breath Master Trainer, Athlete and Entrepreneur

He is passionate about vitality and health and everything that revolves around healing the body, mind and emotions.

His success as an entrepreneur has seen his company (Almondgy) recognised as the pioneers of sugar-free nutrition and organic in Switzerland, and his immense drive, determination and resilience, coupled with his attuned power over his mind, has enabled him to run ultra-marathons of up to 205 km.  

As a healer, he helps his clients through a unique blend of breathwork and hypnosis to facilitate powerful experiences that enable people to break through in the places they are stuck and to reignite their body's and mind’s natural ability to heal itself.  

As a Master trainer, he has mentored and trained 100's of SOMA Breath instructors and has led over 30 "21 day Awakening Journeys".

He has facilitated practitioner training and retreats in countries around the world such as Switzerland, France, Miami, Ibiza, Estonia and London.

"When you control your energy, you master your reality! 

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